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Philly, Fund Students 1st!

Urge City Officials to make sure Education Pandemic Money REPLACES environmentally unsafe schools, instead of repairing them! That money goes to students’ education and not maintenance contracts! And that children with additional needs, children who who would benefit from more available out of school time programming, and that Intensive, Individualized Multi-Tiered Systems of Support (addressing social/emotional/developmental needs outside of academics) is available for every student!

We’re at an important time in history. Education history and funding history, with the ability to effect change for Philly’s students in big ways. We have a huge influx of money through the American Rescues Plan act, paired with the regularly scheduled City Council and Board of Education budget agenda. The time is now to rethink what education funding looks like, to service students and families in a more dynamic and holistic way.

Philadelphia Parents Coalition wants to see that the money received goes to the right places for Philly’s students. Philadelphia Parents Coalition demands that:

  • The American Rescues Plan Act money is divided into a 70/30 split, with the bulk going towards elevating educational and recreational needs of students
  • In the regular budget considerations, we demand that buildings repairs don’t exceed 65% of the total cost of replacement
  • That more funding consideration is given to children with additional needs and their supports, than has been in previous years

PA, Students need The Fair Funding Formula Faster!

Demand lawmakers find ways to reroute funding at a faster pace through the new funding formula so that all Philadelphia students education is funded equitably.

Even with the infusion of money through the American Rescues Plan Act, PA students are getting an equitable amount to support students educational needs according to the size of school districts’ student bodies. Philadelphia students, with Philadelphia itself being one of the largest poorest cities, are missing so many opportunities to learn. Only 11% of the PA Education budget goes through the Fair funding formula.  Sign here to demand full implementation of the fair funding formula NOW!

PA, Fund Students’ Educational Options!

PA, Fund Student Tax Credits!

Advocate with us to see that PA students get a one time, lump-sum increase to EITC/OSTC and for it to increase gradually year over year so that all students have access to their choice of quality education. 

EITC & OSTC programs are the most simple, cost-effective way for business owners and community members to  make an impact in the educational future of a low-income child’s life. Yet, PA has a cap on how much can be donated. Currently, EITC supported 45, 832 scholarships…..but 21,000 students were denied. OSTC has awarded 14,505 scholarships…..with 21,600 students denied due to donating caps. We need to make our voices heard.

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