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Elaine Wells

Parent Leader at Large

Elaine Wells is and has been a quality education advocate in and around the city of Philadelphia for over 20 years; she’s a community activist focused on the access to quality education as being part of the answer to some of the systemic violence and inequities that are going on in Black and Brown communities.

The mother of three Black sons, who through sheer determination and desire for them to have access to quality educational opportunities, has had them educated in almost every type of learning environment there is; district public and charter schools, a private school, an attempt at homeschooling, and a couple of cyber schools. It’s through her twenty-plus years of seemingly never-ending advocacy that she discovered her passion for making sure that not only her children but every child, regardless of their family’s income or zip code, have equal access to quality education.

She’s an advocate of School Choice, access to quality schools for every child, parents as partners in the school environment, literacy as a movement, and supporting families, school staff, and community leaders in advocacy for making the change toward equal access to quality education. She is the founder of Global Thinking Initiatives, a community non-profit dedicated to collaborating with other prominent community organizations to bring much-needed resources and support to our most underserved communities.

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